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5 Best Fertilizer Spreader [Reviews & Buyer’s Guide]

If you are searching for the Best Fertilizer Spreader for Your Garden then this spreader reviews article will help you allot as you will get useful Buyer’s Guide.

A lawn requires a great amount of maintenance, work, and processes one of which is fertilization. Fertilizers are chemical-based products that enhance soil quality and fertilization.


It is the process of applying manure on the ground. Fertilization can turn out to be a difficult job until and unless you have a fertilizer spreader.

A fertilizer spreader is a tool that helps in distributing fertilizer around a lawn or a backyard. Sometimes fertilizer spreaders are also used for the sowing of seeds, watering of plants, and spraying manure on lawns.

Fertilizer spreaders make the job easy by reducing the human effort needed to spread it by ourselves.

They are being used in farming and in the lawn industry for many years to gain the best outcomes when utilizing composts, the supplements must be spread precisely and equally and at the correct rate over the entire spreader width.

Great manure is significant, however, so is how you spread it.

Best Fertilizer Spreader Reviews 

1. Scotts Elite Spreader – Editor Choice

Scotts Elite Spreader


Key Features

  • Dual rotor technology for precise control.
  • Can hold up to 2000 sq. ft. of products.
  • Foam-filled tires that never flattens.
  • Gives an efficient and comfortable hold.
  • Battery operated handy lock.
  • Comes with 23 spreading settings.

They are known for producing advance and multitasking products with dual rotors spinners at the bottom of the spreader which increases the total accuracy for heavy-duty operations.

It features a compact design with six feet spreading pattern that helps you in making fewer passes around the lawn and saves your time.

The large Hopper hood can store up to 2000 square feet of lawn products and features an ergonomic design handle which gives it a stronghold with comfort. The form fill 10 inches tires don’t get flat ever and they do not require air to be filled in them.

I highly recommend you to go with this Best Fertilizer Spreader as it covers all important factors & Stand 1st on this Fertilizer Spreader review article.



2. Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push –Broadcast Spreader

Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push

Key Features

  • A full capacity of 120 lbs.
  • Strong build quality.
  • Can cover up to half an acre land in one fill.
  • Enclosed gearbox and heat-treated bevel gears.
  • Direct flow control system.
  • Massive wheels of 13 inches.
  • Rustproof design.
  • Operational pro tool kit.

Agri-fab is a perfect fertilizer spreading solution that can easily sustain Harsh light of the sun as well as icy cold weather. It comes with ergonomic handles, large tires, and a wide area to cover major parts of the field in one cycle.

The company is known for its beautiful design products with a wide range of customization options that can be used for spreading fertilizer, seeds, and sprinkle water to the grass of your lawn.



3. Earthway 2150 Commercial Walk-Behind –  Broadcast Spreader


Earthway 2150

Key Features

  • Even spreading with a three-hole drop shutoff system.
  • Durable Bucket design.
  • Fully adjustable handles.
  • 50 pounds of seed and fertilizer capacity.
  • Epoxy powder coated makes it rustproof.
  • Debris screen system to reduce clogging.

The Earthway Broadcast spreader comes with an open bucket design with huge foam-filled tires, it is available in a hike eye-catching colour with a mixture of red and black.

The handles are very ergonomic and comfortable to hold also the three shut off drop system ensures even distribution of seeds and fertilizers and can be adjusted for covering small narrow corners in your lawn.



4. Brinly BS36BH, Black, 175 lbs –  Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader

Brinly BS36BH


Key Features

  • Autoflow spread pattern.
  • Gears are fully enclosed with a nylon gearbox.
  • The universal hitch fits with small tractors.
  • Easy calibration technology to control the flow.
  • High holding capacity of 175 lb.
  • Polyester coating to reduce rust and dust damage.
  • Effortless refilling.

The Brinly Broadcast spreader provides high capacity, easy flow, extra-large, rust, and dustproof spreader. The broad spreaders make it perfect for small and mid-range lawns to perform any task assigned to it.

It is very lightweight due to its fibre-based design and it holds a huge 175 lb of fertilizer, seat, or melted ice in its bucket. The polyethene coating reduces the damage done by corrosion and sunlight making it last longer even if it is left outside.



5. Chapin International Chapin – 8620B

Chapin International Chapin


Key Features

  • One metal alloy axle for better control.
  • 50 lb hopper capacity.
  • Solid steel linkage technique.
  • Wide tray design.
  • Wide foam-filled tires of 14 inches.
  • Auto stops when not in motion.

This made in USA product has a simple design with minimalist functionality and a strong built. It covers a lot of areas with its huge tires and its heavy-duty hi-tech design makes it a good fit for professional use also it has an auto-stop function to save fertilizers and seeds from spilling needlessly on the ground. They also provide the house customer support with manual in the box.



Best Fertilizer Spreader Buyer’s Guide

Fertilization plays an important part in providing nutrients to the soil but it is hard to manually fertilize due to which fertilizer spreaders are used. This guide is designed to help you to buy the fertilizer spreaders for your lawn or backyard.


Space is an important factor which tells us about how much fertilizer can be carried which gives us the average amount of land which we will be able to cover with one go.

There were major changes done in improving the coverage area of fertilizer spreaders by increasing the storage size in them. For example in around 1960 fertilizer spreaders can only cover 9 meters of the area but nowadays most of the fertilizer spreaders cover at least 35 meters of the area within one cycle.

Built quality

An ideal fertilizer spreader should have strong build quality with large storage space. Small fertilizer spreaders are preferred for backyards or lawns that are low in surface area.

These spreaders store less fertilizer and are easy to maintain while a big one comes with a lot of storing space with huge coverage areas but reduced mobility and difficulty of use.

Wheel Size

Wheel sizes are considered a strong point because they directly affect the mobility and coverage area of the fertilizer spreader. Most of the spreader comes with wheel size range between 10 to 12 inches.

It is told by experts to buy fertilizer spreaders of large wheel sizes like 12 inches because it provides better mobility and handling to its users.


Fertilizer spreaders generally come with various kinds of accessories like Side conveyor, Double conveyor, Carrier, PTO Shaft, Articulated agitator, Filtering net, Mechanical control, Hydraulic control, etc.

These accessories generally become important at times like towing or attaching the spreader with different machines or while it gets clogged with fertilizer or with seeds.


Most of the time fertilizer spreaders come with a year guarantee or warranty by the company while some premium spreaders come with a lifetime warranty that makes them highly efficient and reliable also durable and trustworthy to work with. One should always check for extended warranty’s which is generally provided on a special occasion.

Coverage Area

The coverage area of a fertilizer spreader tells us about the total area that can be filled with seed or fertilizers before it overflows. The general coverage Area or spreaders lie between 20,000 square feet to 25,000 square feet after which it needs to be filled again.

These areas are generally provided by the company in square feet.

In this guide, we have tried to provide you with the top 5 best fertilizer spreader in the USA which will give you the general idea about the price, range, and the important features that come with them.

List of Best Fertilizer spreader 2022

1. Scotts Elite Spreader
2. Agri-Fab 45-0462 Push Broadcast Spreader
3. Earthway 2150 Commercial Walk-Behind Broadcast Spreader
4. Brinly BS36BH, Black, 175 lbs Tow-Behind Broadcast Spreader
5. Chapin International Chapin 8620B Spreader

Best Lawn Fertilizer Spreader FAQ’s

Q.1 Do you need a fertilizer spreader?

Fertilizers spreaders are used for spreading seeds and fertilizers in lawns and backyards. It reduces the effort and saves time of lawn owners by providing a well designed top-notch technology to spread seeds or water.

Spreaders are generally useful for people who own big lawns or they are in the field of gardening. It is easy to use and saves time. In our recommendation, it is a tool that everyone should use in their backyards for bringing nutritional value back to the ground.

Q.2 What are some of the best fertilizer spreaders and who makes the best Spreaders?

We have tried to provide a list of best fertilizer spreader is available on the market. The company may vary but the performance is top-notch. Spreaders from companies like Scotts, Agri-Fab, EarthWay, Brinly, and Chapin are considered the best spreaders for backyards and lawns.

Q.3 Can you spread fertilizers on icy or wet seasons?

With regards to winter or rainy lawn care, there are a couple of things you can do to guarantee your garden will be beautiful and lavish once spring shows up. Setting up your garden for winter will keep it sound so it’s prepared for spring.

The problem is to concentrate on relying upon where you live and what sort of grass you developed over the seasons.

Regardless of whether cool-season or warm-season grass, knowing the atmosphere and conditions will help ensure you’re taking the best precautions for your lawn.

Cool-season yards are prepared in fall when temperatures are chilling however the grass is as yet developing. Preparing in fall, when temperatures are still during the 50s, will help grass plants keep their green shading into the winter.

It will advance solid root development, which encourages grass to get looking great in spring. Never treat when the dirt is solidified, and the vast majority of the compost will wash away.

Q.4 What time of day is best suited to fertilize your lawn?

Try not to fertilize during high warmth, dampness, or dry spell as grass can consume. Don’t apply compost on the moist grass, possibly apply when the grass is dry. On the off rain after applying, spread manure before it. The best season of day to prepare is the late evening or early night.

Try not to apply in direct hot daylight or the grass can burn. More is always not better! Make sure that the spreader is balanced appropriately else you could wind that dry it up. To guarantee an even spread, isolate the compost when it spread half of the way and the other at right points to it.

Q.5 What are the advantages of compound fertilizers over blends?

The primary advantage of fertilizer manure is that all the supplements are contained in every granule or pill. This implies there is no danger of separation of the various supplements while taking care of stacking as it can regularly happen with mixes.

Each pill or granule has a uniform size, shape, and thickness which implies they can be effortlessly spread consistently over the entire session.

The upside of this is more uniform and even circulation of the number of supplements over the field maintaining a strategic distance under fertilization or over-fertilization leads to poor quality of crops.


Best Fertilizer Spreader allows you to easily spread fertilizers or seeds in your lawn. If you have less amount of time and you don’t want to work multiple days on your lawn just for fertilizing you should check out these lawn fertilizing spreaders list that we have provided.

If you want our choice on the best fertilizer to buy, we recommend you to get our first option that is Scotts Elite spreader which is known for its good company with the power to perform higher accuracy heavy-duty tasks within fewer amounts of time. It will help you do your job easily and will let you multitask with it.

All our other options are good too, so you can check them out. If you don’t want to take our advice for our best recommendation you can just check their key features to find out what suits you best according to your taste and needs. Please feel free to suggest any nice features that we missed out on. Thank you for reading.


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