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5 Best Fruit Picker to Buy in 2021 (Reviews)

If you want to pick fruit easily and comfortably without harming the tree, then you should buy the best fruit picker pole.

Fruit pickers are baskets attached to a stick that helps you reach higher places to pick fruit from trees. They allow you to go up to twelve feet of height to pick any fruit you want easily.

It doesn’t matter if its apples, oranges, grapes, or peaches you can pick anything you want from a tree or a grove, you just need a way to gather all these delicious foods and that’s where the fruit picker comes in handy.

It gives you the comfort of picking fruit without a ladder or climbing onto a tree which could be dangerous for you; it is very safe and reliable to pick your fruits comfortably.

There are multiple types of fruit pickers of different sizes and shapes for various fruits; that’s why it gets confusing for the buyers to choose the Best Fruit Picker tool for them. This is where this guide comes in handy; we have covered all the things to look for while choosing your Best Fruit Picker.

Best Fruit Picker to Buy in 2021 

1. EVERSPROUT Foot Fruit Picker – Top Rated Best Fruit Picker



The ultimate extension pole is one of the best polls in the market with only the weight of 1.5 pounds. Its sturdy design and non-slip foam hand grips make it very comfortable and reliable to hold in both dry and wet conditions.



2. Flexrake LRB190 Fruit Picker – Budget-Friendly



This fruit harvester comes with a simple and sleek design that can quickly solve your problem of picking fruits from the trees in your garden or your backyard. It has a 12 feet Pol that can reach up to 20 ft if we add the individual’s height.



3. Ohuhu Fruit Picker Tool – Editor Choice


This is one of the best apple picker tools that can easily pick apples and other fruits quickly without risking the life of the tree. The fruits are then collected at the bottom of the basket, which also has a cushion at the bottom. It will protect the fruit from damage.



4. DocaPole Picker – Best Apple Picking tool


This is the advanced fruit picker extension pole can reach up to 6 to 24 feet of height that gives it the most heighten fruit picker on the list. It also comes with another version that can pick up to 30 ft. Its detachable fruit basket has an ergonomic design with metal frames in it and a cushion at the bottom which protects the fruit from the fall.



5. Jasper 54″-81″ – Multi-Function Picker



The all-new long reach fruit picker can be used to pick multiple fruits at the same time. It features a clock shaped held that can twist any fruit to break its stem and hold it while not letting it fall on the ground. It’s cession hands prevent the bursting of fruit when garbed tightly also the strong aluminium frame is non-slippery and has a three retracting telescope hand to extend its reach higher.



Best fruit pickers tools Buyers Guide 2021

These are some of the common features that you should look out for before buying your best fruit cutter.

Built Quality & Design

The fruit cutter must have a good built quality with an ergonomic design that can easily be holed in your hands. The basket and the pole of the Fruit picker should be strong and sturdy, which can handle the weight of the fruits that are being stored in it. If it has a weak basket, you have to empty it out frequently to make room and that you will waste your time in repeatedly emptying it.

The handlebar should be strong enough to support the basket properly. Also, the cutting machine should be sharp and comfortable to use by the user to quickly navigate to the fruit that he wants to cut and reach it while maintaining the balance of the basket.


Length plays an essential factor in fruit cutters because it can’t reach the height of your fruit that you want to cut; it will become useless for you. A fruit picker pole with cutter height generally ranges between twelve to fifteen feet. A lock system should be included on the pole that will ensure the support when the pole is extended to the top. The lock also allows us to maintain more grip and control on the handles and you don’t have to worry about holding it in position.

Basket Sizee

Fruit pickers generally have baskets at the end of the best fruit picker pole to grab the fruit that has been cut by the cutter. It stores the fruit in the air and allows us to get multiple fruits at the same time. The basket should be padded and large enough to catch and collect the type of fruit you have easily. For smaller fruit, consider a bag rather than a cage design, so, your fruit doesn’t slip between the bars and fall to the ground.


The weight of the whole fruit picker influences its handling and control of it in the air. One should always prefer to choose a light-weighted fruit picker that will put less strain on your arms while working. Mainly the basket’s weight makes the difference in the weights of the fruit picker. If you want a fruit picker for your home always go with nets but if you want more space, then you can buy the metal caged one, but remember that it will be heavy and you won’t be able to hold it in the air for a very long.

General of Fruit Picker Pole FAQ’s

Q.1 Where can you buy a fruit picker pole with cutter?

Fruits pickers can be easily found on websites like Amazon or Flipkart. Also, we have provided some links to the best fruit pickers that you don’t have to look for them by yourself. The list is comprised of the best fruit picker pole that you can buy on the market at the right price.

Q.2 Benefits of fruit picker for your home or backyard?

Fruit pickers help you reach higher heights and grab fruits from the trees without hurting the tree and its branches. It is an easy and comfortable way to do fruit picking.

It makes your job easy and safe because the use of a ladder can be dangerous, and you may fall from the ladder while plucking the fruit.

It doesn’t require hands, so that makes it more hygienic while protecting your fruit from damaging at fall with the help of the comfortable cession present at the bottom of the basket.

Q.3 How to Use the fruit picker pole?

To use your fruit picker first grabs the fruit picker and find a fruit you want to pluck, then extend the fruit picker pole to the desired height at which the fruit is placed. When you reach the height of the fruit, hold it between the claws provided above the basket and pull at your side to pluck it from its branches.

The fruit should fall in your basket after that shrinks the height of the pole that you extended. Grab the fruit than from the basket and repeat the process until you have got all the fruits that you need.


Fruit picker is used for plucking fruits from the trees, and they can help you in easily picking oranges, pears, apples, and other fruits that grow above-head. The article covers all about the Best Fruit Picker and their benefits.

We also have given you a list of the top five Best Fruit pickers that you can buy. Read the pros and cons of each fruit pickers to select the one that you need, but if you are not able to decide we will recommend you buy our first choice because of its sturdy design and range of height that it can reach. Moreover, their fruit pickers are multipurpose and can help you in many household tasks, so everyone should buy a good Fruit Picker for themselves.

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