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[Top 5] Best Tillers Reviews & Buyer’s Guide [2023]

Staying at home and spending more time with family, we tried to discover different hobbies that can be actually done from home. Gardening attracted our families the most. It is more like the whole family waiting and working for flowers and vegetables. Only a gardener can actually feel the sensation of eating fresh from his own garden.

But, gardening is not a simple task. It requires a lot of preparation and work. When you turn your garden into a bigger one, you are not just only planting trees. You are actually increasing a lot of labour. You need to cut loose the soil, plow it, add fertilizers, and then row the plants or seeds.


People often lose interest after listening to this long list of work. But if you want to go from a newbie to a professional gardener, you need to invest. You can invest time and money. So, we were trying different tools when we came across tillers.

Tillers are mainly to break up solid, compact soil into the broken-up, loose dirt. More often, we have hard and compact soils that are not eligible for gardening. Tillers work to transform that soil into a better one.

[Top 5] Best Tillers 2023

Tillers v/s Cultivators

When we were discussing tillers with different people, we discovered that many people get confused between cultivators and tillers. Now, before we talk about tillers, we need to draw a clear line between tillers and cultivators.

Cultivators are targeted to mix up the soil with composts. They work on already broken and loosen the soil. Cultivators do not loosen up the soil.

On the contrary, tillers loosen up the soil. They do not mix them. Tillers are designed only for breaking soil.

So, when you are actually working in your garden, first you need to use tillers and make the soil loose. Then you add the composites and fertilizers. For a homogeneous mixture, finally, you use cultivators.

Anyhow, some of the small cultivators also work as tillers. Besides, you can also find different tillers like mantis tillers in several garden tiller clearances.

Overall, tillers and cultivators have different purposes for gardening. Their main purposes cannot be mixed with each other.

Tillers in Farmsteads

Tillers are not just about only gardening. Farmers also need tillers in their regular work as well. While ploughing with handmade tools is a quite old school, modern farmstead includes powerful tillers.

Farmers mostly prefer gas tillers for their work. Even if you think tilling can be expensive, consider renting one. There are several local organizations around the globe who rent tillers for farms.

How a Tiller is Used?

Don’t be fooled by the ads from the garden tillers. They show the work being too easy. You can’t actually wear an exotic dress and enjoy tilling. Instead, you need some preparations and hard works.

First, you need to take away rocks from your lawn. Remove any big rock you find in your ground. If you are using the land for the first time, you need to inform the utility department. This way you make sure that there are no utility lines under your garden. If you’ve been gardening for a while, you just need to clean out thick weeds.

You can leave out the thinner ones. They turn into great compost and your tiller should properly handle it.

When your garden is ready for tilling, you just need to go through the machine manual. There are several keys and buttons which vary depending on models. You don’t need to dig deeper. Instead, you need a homogeneous tilled soil. So, till twice rather than pushing yourself too hard. On the first ride, allow the depth regulator to collect the proper setting.

Garden tillers automatically move forward while tilling, so you don’t need to push harder. You just need to hold it in a straight line and slightly move the handles. If you are still confused about the depth, around 8 inches deeper broken soil should be enough for your planting.

Long before you start, we would like to warn you for maintaining proper precautions. Tiller blades are sharp and powerful. In fact, many of the Husqvarna tillers were some of the best push tillers from the market. They discontinued mainly because of being risky.  You don’t want to hurt yourself or your family members. So, keep children and others away when tilling your soil. Besides, wear proper boots and safety equipment while using a tiller.

So, we hope you are clear about the basics. Now, let’s get to know about different types of tillers and select which type you need.

Different Types of Tillers

More often people use cultivators as tillers. But as we have discussed, they are pretty separate. Cultivators work in soft and loosen soils. But they are not efficient for hard soil. A good number of tillers are push tillers. So, you’ve to push them manually forward.

Tillers are heavier than cultivators. They require good maintenance. There are several models of different types.

Garden tillers can be divided into 2 parts based on how they are powered. They are-

  • Gas Tillers
  • Electric Tillers

Gas tillers run mainly gasoline. They produce a lot of noise and are quite an old school. Gas tillers do not require a lot of maintenance. You can find two types of engines in gas tillers- two-stroke engines, four-stroke engines. Gas tillers are quite powerful. Nothing can get closer to their effectiveness.

If your neighbour doesn’t get irritated by loud noise, this should be your reliable option. You can adjust wheels, choose between different types of machines, and even perfectly prepare virgin lands. Even though electric tillers are getting popular, many gardeners prefer gas tillers for starting with new virgin soil.

On the other hand, electric tillers are lightweight. They work in noiseless mode and especially convenient choices for women and elderly people. Electric tillers are also environmentally friendly. The major trouble with them is that you have to depend on the battery capacity. These types of tillers are preferable for small and medium-sized gardens. Anyhow, some of the modern ones can hold a charge for a long time and work properly in large gardens.

Additionally, we can also divide tillers into three parts based on their design. They are- front-tine tillers, rear-tine tillers, and vertical-tine tillers. Front-tine tillers have tillers’ wheel on the front side. Comparatively, they are powerful than cultivators but weaker than rear-tine tillers. Front-tine tillers are easier to maneuver. Thus, they are more preferable for small gardens.

Rear-tine tillers are suitable for large gardens with strong soil. They are quite powerful and can rotate in different directions. Rear-tine tillers have large wheels along with tines that are located on the backside of the machine.

Some of the tiller machines also work as grass tillers. You can lawn grass with them.

Vertical-tine tillers are quite new. They vertically cut soil rather than downward breaking. They are easier and faster. We have found them to be more useful. But of course, you need to pay a good amount to get those modern facilities.

How to Select the Best Tiller for You?

This is the part where most of the gardeners make their biggest mistake. The cheapest or the most expensive one might not be the best choice for you.

Even getting anyone from the market might turn out into a lot of unnecessary expenses. There are many factors you need to keep in mind before selecting your preferred tiller. Let’s leave the chit chat and get deeper into the discussion.


Though the basic purpose is the same for all of us, in a deeper sense it’s different. Are you planning to start a new garden? Do you need for one-time use?  or do you actually want it for a regular purpose?

In case, you need it only for one time use, it is better to rent a vertical-tine tiller or rear-tine tiller. More often, rental tillers are gas tillers. But if you are buying for irregular use, then it is better to switch for simple and affordable ones.

If you are thinking about commercial use and think that you’ll be regularly using it, then try out different models based on your soil type and garden size.

Soil Hardness

Soil type is a very crucial point. Soft soils barely need tilling. In such cases, you can save money by using powerful cultivators. Though, rarely you’ll have soft soil in your backyards.

Soil with clay is stronger and harder to break. In such cases, you need something efficient and strong. But such soils do not contain too much rock. So, you won’t be needing damage protection that much.

If your soil is actually rocky, then you need the best soil tillers that can handle flying rocks. Even though you’ll be cleaning the soil before starting, you can’t actually ensure that you’ve cleared all the rocks from the rocky soil.

In such cases, you need to go through the manual and product descriptions. If you are still unclear, then freely knock the manufacturers. It is better to spend some time researching before you actually buy anything.

Size and Location of Your Garden

If you are working in a small land, it is better to go for something simple. Besides, it won’t be a smart decision to make a lot of noise and let your neighbours know that you are actually tilling your land.

In such cases, you can switch to noiseless electric tillers. But for large lands, regular electric tillers won’t be a good choice. You would end up with an empty battery while tilling. So for such cases, try gas tillers. They are powerful enough to handle the stress.


You can find tillers from $100 to $3000. So, which one do you want to buy?

Along with cost, another term that automatically comes is brand value. Top-quality branded products charge more than regular ones. You are actually paying price for the promised quality. Again, you should also consider that you are not paying too much.

Some gardeners invest a lot in gas tillers while they could have actually settled with much more cost-efficient electric tillers. So, you need to study the market and search for your desired product.

For beginners, small or mid-level gardeners, it is better to choose tillers ranging from $300 to $600. Professional ones should be between $600 and $3000 varying from different designs.

Other Features

There are several features we also need to think about before choosing one. Like, how easy the setup process. 4-cycle engines are easier than 2-cycle engines. They do not need a mixture of oil and gas.

Electric tillers are more preferable for women and the elderly as they are lightweight. You also need to consider the characteristics of your rototiller.

Besides, you also need to consider the maintenance cost along with safety features. Some new models come with electric starter and adjustable control handles. They are highly preferable when we are talking about ease of use.

As we have come across a lot of features and details, you might be confused. Thus, we have tried to help you and sort out the top 5 electric tillers and 5 gas tillers that can be a great choice for you. So, let’s discover some of the best tillers from the market.

5 Best Gas Tillers Reviews

1.Schiller Grounds Care 7950 – (ASIN: B00N6X9VY4)

Schiller Grounds Care

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View Product Specifications:
  • 25 cc engine 4-cycle powerful gas tiller.
  • The engine comes from Honda.
  • Weighs around 24 lbs. with 240 rpm speed.
  • Finger controlled throttle.
  • Can till to 10 inches deep and 9 inches wide.
  • Comes with a handy kickstand.
  • Works both as cultivator and ground tiller.

Product Description: It is one of the few lightweight 4-cycle gas tillers. If you are still doubtful about the engine, the engine is made from a globally known brand Honda. Besides, the setup is pretty easy. So, your machine should be ready for use within 20 minutes from unboxing.

This powerful engine can take in any amount of weed, and soil. But you would find trouble handling larger stones. They can be manually removed though. Overall, Schiller 7950 is a great choice for mid and small-sized gardens.


  • It doesn’t require fuel mixture.
  • Easy to handle.


  • Weak Silicon Suction Cups.
  • Can jam while working in rocky terrains.

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2.Landworks Mini Tiller – (ASIN: B07S2TMWKP)

Landworks Mini Tiller

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View Product Specifications:
  • 3- Horsepower 55cc 2-stroke engine.
  • Weighs around 32 lbs.
  • Can till 4-6 inches deep and 11.8 inches wide.
  • Uses gasoline and oil mixture in 30:1 ratio.
  • Comes with 4 steel tines
  • Recoil starter.
  • Tire height is adjustable.

Product Description: If you want a gas tiller bigger than Craftsman but smaller than Yardmax, then you can give Landworks a thought. It is a smart option for medium-sized gardens.

You can find this power rototiller in almost every list of best garden rototillers and best front tine tiller reviews. Its steel body makes it last longer and also provides additional security. Based on performance, Landworks is better than Craftsman. Anyhow, we couldn’t find any warranty details. Besides, mixing gasoline and oil can be sometimes irritating.


  • It is a smart option for medium-sized gardens.
  • The steel powder-coated body is very durable.


  • The websites do not give details about the warranty.
  • Mixing oil and gasoline is complex.

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3.Craftsman C210 Gas Tiller – (ASIN: B07MFW79C4)

Craftsman C210 Gas Tiller

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View Product Specifications:
  • 25cc 2-cycle gas engine.
  • Weighs around 29.1 lbs.
  • Tilling can be done in 5-inch depth and 6 to 9 inches depth.
  • Comes with four three-way forward rotating tines.
  • Tines are made of steel.
  • Transport wheels are removable.
  • Speed throttle can be changed.
  • Offers 2-years limited warranty.

Product Description: Gas tillers are mainly chosen for large and mid-sized gardens. But, this tiller stands out of the box because of its size and purpose. Craftsman C210 is more dedicated to small vegetable gardens.

It is easy to operate and lightweight. Coming with easy 3-Step starting, anyone can operate it. Alongside this, you can also control speed and till in 5-inch depth. We would recommend it for soils that require less amount of tilling and gardens which are mainly for vegetation.


  • Small-sized gas engines are efficient for small gardeners.
  • 3-way steel tillers work also as cultivators.
  • Speed can be controlled.


  • Cannot dig deeper.
  • Not suitable for rocky terrains.

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4.Yardmax TY 5328 Tiller – (ASIN: B06XQ4DP99)

Yardmax TY 5328 Tiller

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View Product Specifications:
  • Yardmax weighs around 95 lbs.
  • 79cc engine and front tine tiller model.
  • The rear tires are 8”.
  • Can dig in separate measures from 7” to 11” depth and 11” to 21” width.
  • Comes with Worm gear and belt transmission.
  • Offers 2-years residential warranty.
  • Contains a rust-resistant tine shield.

Product Description: As a front tine tiller, this gas tiller is more than your regular tiller. It can cut through the soil with ease and be adjusted for different types of soils. With 180 rpm, you can easily trust the device for fast grinding.

YARDMAX uses CARB compliance in its engines. So, fuel exhaust is highly reduced offering the least air pollution.  For those who don’t know, CARB laws are stricter than EPA Clean Air guides.

We found the engine size a bit confusing.  While the operation manual describes it as a 97cc engine, it has been billed as a 79 cc engine. Some of the advertisements also describe it as 89cc. So, maybe we would be more comfortable with one number.

Anyhow, it does a pretty decent job for the hardest and compact soils. The digging depth and width allow you to prepare the land for bigger trees along with your regular vegetables. Finally, the sheltered rust-resistant steel provides protection against dirt and rocks.


  • It is specially designed for medium and large terrains.
  • Despite being gas engine, produces a minimal amount of harmful gases.


  • It weighs around 95 lbs. making it hard to handle.

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5.Mantis 7566-12-02 Deluxe Tiller – (ASIN: B00B58EJ9E)

Mantis 7566-12-02 Deluxe Tiller

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View Product Specifications:
  • 35 cc engine with 4-cycles.
  • Weighs around 34 lbs.
  • Comes with finger controlled throttle.
  • Can till in 10” depth and 16” width.
  • Handles can be adjusted.
  • Package contains kickstand.
  • Honda engine offers a separate warranty.

Product Description: We are starting our list with something very professional. Mantis Deluxe tiller is a professional gardener’s choice. This engine from Honda Company is definitely worth the price you are paying. Alongside the quality, Mantis also comes with 2 years warranty.

If we are being more precise on the design, this gas tiller is a perfect choice for mid-level gardeners. Small gardeners might find it too large compared to their small space. On the other hand, the motor could have been larger for satisfying large range gardeners.


  • It can handle larger space than similar types of tillers.
  • With adjustable handles, multiple users with variation in height can easily operate.
  • It is lighter and easier to maneuver.
  • Comes with 2 years warranty.


  • It only contains tilling tines.
  • Small gardeners might find it too large for their small space.

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5 Best Electric Tillers

1.Greenworks Cordless Tiller – (ASIN: B00AW72V58)


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View Product Specifications:
  • 40 V Lithium-Ion Battery.
  • 8-inch 4 adjustable tines.
  • Tilling width can be adjusted from 8.25 inches to 10 inches.
  • Tilling depth can be up to 5 inches.
  • Can make up to 2000 strokes per minute.
  • Weighs around 21 lbs.

Product Description: Cordless tillers offer you a sigh of relief. At least, you don’t have to keep worrying about those extended cords. This Greenworks battery-operated tiller is mainly compatible with G-Max 50V Battery models.

Batteries come with the package. They are pretty powerful for tilling regular soils. Greenworks cordless tillers are flexible and easy to handle. We would suggest it to small and medium gardeners who want to reduce the tangling of cords or travel far from home with their tiller.


  • The battery comes with the package.
  • Both tilling depth and width are adjustable.


  • The battery needs to be charged after use.

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2.Greenworks Corded Tiller – (ASIN: B00D3KJN3O)

Greenworks Corded Tiller

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View Product Specifications:
  • 8 Amp Motor
  • 8 inch forward rotating tines.
  • Can till 5 inches deep and up to 10 inches wide.
  • Tilling depth is adjustable.
  • Smaller rear wheels for easy controlling.
  • Weighs 29.3 lbs.

Product Description: Coming within $150, this small electric tiller is a budget-friendly version for beginners. You can adjust tilling depth and width.

The rotating high-performance tillers work both for tilling and cultivating. It is pretty fast and reliable. Greenworks Corded Push Tiller is pretty fast and reliable. Unless you are digging too deep or tilling a rocky terrain, it should be enough for your starting.


  • Adjustable handles.
  • Strong and long’ lasting tines.
  • Comes within an affordable price.


  • Assembling the device after unboxing can be pretty hectic.
  • The corded model needs extended cords making an extra hustle.

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3.Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller – (ASIN: B01DYB9KRK)

Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Tiller

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View Product Specifications:
  • 540 Watt 3-speed electric motor.
  • Weighs 21 lbs.
  • Can till 10” deep and 9” wide.
  • Comes with the Quick start button.
  • Tines can be reversed.
  • Lifetime warranty for tines.
  • 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Foldable design.

Product Description: If we are talking about one of the most lightweight devices from this list, then this should not be missed. It can be easily handled, even in small spaces. Besides, the handles fold down allowing you to easily carry your tiller.

Mantis also offers 5-years limited warranty and lifetime warranty for tines. In a nutshell, Mantis 7250-00-03 Electric Start Rototiller is one of the best electric tillers when we are considering lightweight, warranty, and overall services.


  • One of the most lightweight models.
  • Portable and foldable model.
  • Doesn’t require maintenance.


  • The width could have been bigger.
  • The tineguard is shallow.

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4.Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Tiller – (ASIN: B01DTIC79Q)

Sun Joe TJ604E Electric Tiller

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View Product Specifications:
  • Comes with a 13.5 amp electric motor.
  • Weighs around 27.1 lbs.
  • Has a push-button to start in the handle.
  • Has 8 inches tilling depth and 16 inches tilling width.
  • Rear wheels come with adjustable heights.
  • Bears 6 steel angled tines.
  • Offers a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Can be categorized as a mini tiller.

Product Description: This electric tiller is a great choice if you are thinking about preparing your garden and looking for a yard tiller. It can loosen soil, clean weeds, generate space for planting, and save a lot of your time. The wheels are a bit larger than the blades.

You can also adjust the wheels in three separate positions for ease of access. By changing the positions you can also bring some changes in the depth as well.

The blades are angled. So, they cut in different directions and offer better smoothness. The major issue you will face is properly handling the power switch. It is located on the right handle. With 13.5 amp power, this is a lightweight electric giant.

Anyhow, compared to the price, Sun Joe has been providing a great service. There is no doubt that this is one of the most popular electric tillers in the market.


  • Opposite directional angled blades offer homogeneous mixture.
  • Rear wheels support proper controlling.
  • It is quite powerful compared to other regular electric tillers.


  • The location of the power switch can be an issue for some of the users.

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5.Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller – (ASIN: B004H4X6Z6)

Earthwise TC70001 Electric Tiller

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View Product Specifications:
  • Comes with 8.5 amp motor.
  • Noiseless operation.
  • Contains 4 durable plates of steel that till 8” deep and 11” wide.
  • Weighs around 27.4 lbs.
  • Option for choosing between 11 inches and 16 inches cords.

Product Description: Gas tillers are heavy for women and the elderly. They require a lot of effort. But when we are talking about electric front tillers, they are a decent choice for small and mid-sized gardens. In fact, Earthwise is one of the best small rototillers available in the market.  It also works as a cultivator by mixing soil in a homogeneous way.

Compared to the price, it actually offers double the performance than its competitors. Tine speed is quite faster. Wheels prevent you from digging too deep. Anyhow, it gets crazy when it hits any big rock. You need to hold it tight and clear your premises before beginning.

Overall, within such a low price range, Earthwise is a wonder. The packing, design, efficiency, and technologies are top-notch for any beginner. On the contrary, this won’t be a smart choice for large-scale gardeners or rocky surfaces.


  • Comes at an affordable price.
  • Works both as a tiller and cultivator.
  • Rear tires prevent digging unnecessarily deeper.


  • The machine moves faster and can get sloppy handling overtimes.
  • It is not suitable for rocky and larger terrains.

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Bottom Line

Finallythere are different types of tillers and power-tillers to choose from. We have tried to enlist the best Rototillers of 2023 over here.

You can choose between gas operated tillers and electric tillers. You can also vary based on tines, price, facilities, wheels, warranties, and engines. While Sun Joe can be a good budget-friendly choice from electric tillers, Yardmax can be called the beast for gas tillers.

Go through the specifications and make your wise choice. You can also create your own DIY tiller.

There are many DIY videos. Or, you can buy manual tillers if you have a very small garden or yard. But, they won’t be highly efficient compared to our power tillers.  Let us know what type of tiller you preferred and why.


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