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Top 5 ATV Spot Sprayers for Farm, Lawn and Garden

If you are looking for an efficient and effective way to spray water, pesticides or fertilizer onto areas that are hard to reach in your farm, lawn or garden, an ATV spot sprayer can be your best option. These devices can perform much better in comparison to conventional backpack sprayers or hand sprayers. They are far handier and quickly accessible whenever you need to take care of the plants in your garden or crops on your farm.

ATV Spot Sprayers are essentially an accessory to be used along with your All-Terrain Vehicle. Based on the design of the model you are choosing, the spot sprayer can be mounted directly or towed by the ATV. This can effectively reduce your workload and make the process of spraying water or pesticides much simpler and lighter.

Key Factors in Choosing your ATV Spot Sprayer

Your choice of an ATV Spot Sprayer might depend on a few crucial factors such as the type of chemical or liquid that you are spraying as well as the area that you want to cover with a single spay. Since ATVs are generally portable machines and can be moved around as per need, the application rate is the factor that turns out to be most important in determining the amount of land area you can cover per gallon of liquid or chemical.

Based on that judgment, you may or may not be needing a boom with your setup. If your target land is a small garden, you are good to go with a spot sprayer. However, if you want to cover an unevenly shaped large field or lawn, then attaching a boom along with your current setup is a good idea.

Besides that, the type of liquid or chemical you want to spray will also determine the strength of the ATV spot sprayer you will require. Pesticides or other toxic elements can only be sprayed through a sprayer that is made of chemical-resistant materials. Furthermore, if you want to spray at highly pressurized jets more than the regular 70psi, a heavy-duty spot sprayer is what you’ll need. Also, remember to factor in the length of the hose so that you can ensure maximum mobility within the area you want to cover. If you have a smaller piece of land, a shorter hose length can suffice.

With that being said, here are our top 5 picks for the best performing ATV spot sprayers currently available in the market. Choose one from our list and just transform your gardening and farming activities to a much easier and experience.

Best ATV Spot Sprayers for Farm Reviews

1. Guide Gear ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer, 26 Gallon – ASIN: B00XYOC6LU



The Guide Gear ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer is a perfect choice when you want to decimate weeds in fields, roadways, pastures or laws. Its all-around approach makes it easy to divide large jobs of spraying into a smaller one. The setup is fit for spraying onto areas containing weeds, fence lines or even trees.

The spray power also adapts nicely to small or large areas in terms of efficiency and accuracy. With easy-to-fill large volume tanks of the spot sprayer, you can go out for the day without having to worry about coming back to the shed and refilling it again and again in between your spraying jobs.

Design & Quality:

Nozzles of the Guide Gear ATV Broadcast and Spot Sprayer are uniquely designed to give off droplets in a heavier pattern.

This helps you achieve maximum control over the drift possibilities and makes sure you can apply the chemicals of fertilizers exactly to the spot you aim for. The tank quality is of industry standard and provides exceptional service for many years without any servicing needed.

The chemical-resistant and UV-proof high-density polymer materials of the body prevent any type of deformation like bulging or sagging. The large lid of the tank makes it easy to fill while the bottom drain is a convenient means to empty the tank.


Large 26 gallons tank with a polymer body guide Gear Series Pump34-inch x 14.5-inch x 20.5-inch dimensions spray in cone or stream patterns with spot type spray gun.

2. Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer – ASIN: B00XA3NUXI



If you want to tow your spot sprayer on to the back of your tractor or behind your All-Terrain Vehicle, the Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer can be your best choice.

The heavy-duty spot sprayer can essentially spray over weeds, fence lines or even trees as high as 12-feet. The opening lid is wide with a 7.5-inch diameter making it easy to refill and the bottom drain makes it simple to empty. The stream also has a huge range of maximum spray distance vertically 12-feet and horizontally 20-feet.

Design & Quality:

The versatile design ethic behind the Ironton Tow-Behind Trailer Broadcast and Spot Sprayer is an impeccable blend between aesthetics and functionality. The feature-rich ATV sprayer is suitable for both professional farmers working in fields as well as homeowners who just want an easy approach to gardening.

There are intuitively moulded gallon marks along the sides of the tank that make it easy to keep track of the existing fluid remaining in the tank while you work. The nozzle of the spray gun can also be adjusted to switch between cone and stream making it a versatile choice for gardeners or farmers. The 11-feet long high-quality PVC hose-pipe is also braided with a synthetic cord and reinforced with durable materials to ensure maximum sturdiness.


Chemical resistant durable Intron pump with 1-GPM power UV-resistant tank with 13-gallon capacity remote switch and battery clips are included in the packaging easy towing mechanism with a 10-inch diameter of pneumatic wheels

3. Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer – ASIN: B00GMKBP24



With a huge 25-gallon tank capacity and very affordable price, the Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer can be your first choice if you are looking for an effective spot spraying solution within a tight budget. Although the price point is set at a comparatively lower limit to keep it economic, the ATV spot sprayer setup makes no compromises when it comes to performance and efficiency.

Horizontal spray distance of the spot sprayer ranges at 25-feet while the vertical range is 12-feet. The handgun with the adjustable tip is also suitable for spraying herbicides and insecticides.

Design & Quality:

The Fimco Economy Spot Sprayer has an open design in its cone-shaped nozzle. The top of the nozzle can be adjusted to fi any cone-shaped pattern. With an adjustable hose-pipe length of 12 to 15-feet, the setup is highly mobile. It even includes mounting brackets that fit into almost all ATV cargo racks.


1.0 GPM flow rate with 35 psi grading those-pipe made of durable EPDM rubber polyethylene Diaphragm pump tank with 12-volt power

4. Chapin 97300 Deluxe Dripless ATV Spot Sprayer – ASIN: B00HO3IWH4



When versatility is the name of the game, the Chapin 97300 Deluxe Dripless ATV Spot Sprayer wins it all. You can mount this spot sprayer to any standard, ATV or UTV in a lawn tractor. With a heavy-duty chemical-resistant translucent 15-gallon tank, this spot sprayer offers easy filling and emptying. The maximum vertical height reachable is a whooping 38-feet while horizontal sprays reach about 26-feet.

Design & Quality:

The fully-featured spot sprayer is designed for easy operation. It has a wide 5-inch opening lid and simple bottom drains with double filtration technology ensuring the extended life span of the spot sprayer. There is also an adjustable pressure gauge reaching a maximum pressure of 60-psi.


Diaphragm pump with 2.2 GPM and 12-volt power supplyEasy mounting with alligator clipsAdditional boom kits sold separately

5. Precision Products TCT25 Tow Behind Spot Sprayer – ASIN: B000PSWTBA



The Precision Products TCT25 Tow Behind Spot Sprayer is a compact choice when you want to buy a spot spraying solution for your home garden of lawn farm. With its 25-gallon capacity, the massive tank can be mounted easily on a tractor while covering a 7-foot area.

Design & Quality:

Featuring an opaque heavy-duty plastic tank, the spot sprayer can operate at 12-volts power. The drain plug is quite sturdy and attaches easily at the bottom for easy cleaning.


90-day company warranty1.8 GPM with 60-psi gradingSpot spraying hand wand included in the package

Bottom Line

Gardening can be an enjoyable hobby for many while farming is more of a job for others. No matter what your intention is, ATV spot sprayers can be a great addition to your gardening and farming accessories.

With some proper adjustments and mounting, a spot sprayer can essentially make the job of accessing those hard to reach areas or the crevices below trees much easier. You can spray your desired pesticide of fertilizer easily. Invest today in any ATV spot strayer from our list and revolutionize the way you do your gardening or farming!


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