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Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights – Guide

Advanced Platinum LED Grow LightsWe at are glad to offer you a chance to dabble in the world of hydroponics. Hydroponics is a technique that allows plants to grow without the soil. Plants grow by fertilizers and water in soilless conditions, the plants are placed above ground in a container with their roots dangling into a solution of water and nutrients.

But who provides the vegetations the light to bloom and flourish? Sun? It is not possible, because of the fact that hydroponics normally is a Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) system, performed indoors. There come artificial lights which are mimicking the ‘true’ sun. They are normally called Grow Lights or Grow Lamps. Grow Lights has a pretty history of evolution from HPS to LED lights.


Here, we are focusing on LED lights, which also, one of its new variants, Platinum LED Light. It is from a promising LLC from America Itself. The giant in Platinum LED Grows lights.

The Company and its Vision

Platinum LED Lights LLC is a corporation based in the United States that supplies grow lights of the highest quality to people worldwide. Branded as Advanced Platinum LED Lights, they are dedicated to providing you with the best in LED grow lamps and they offer shipping throughout the US and Canada, or a very competitive low rate option if you’re outside of North America.

This vibrant LLC is glad to offer you their line of Platinum LED Grow Lights that are designed to produce the optimum wavelength for natural photosynthesis. These lights also emit very little heat, so they can be kept close to your plants without worrying about them getting burnt.

They have LED grow lights for every budget, whether you’re just starting out or looking for something more high-tech.

The company has been in operation for several years and has enjoyed a number of successes. Driven by a desire to provide the best, they are always looking for ways to improve and that is why they have been working hard on improving their facility in order to provide the latest technological advances in LED grow lights.

The Quality of Advanced Platinum LED Grow Lights

Their products are always high quality and of the best value for money. They want you to be able to use their premium produce, Advanced Platinum LEDs for a long time, so the company has made sure that those products have one of the longest lifetimes compared to other brands.

These Advanced Grow Lights are designed for indoor growers of all sizes. They have a full line of Platinum LED Grow Lights that will suit every budget for growing indoors.

Their grow lamps come in different sizes, from the smallest, which comes as small as 1×1.5ft to one that is as big as a 4×4 ft area for growth, but at the same time if you need something bigger they have a line too.

With a range of sizes and price points, they are able to cater to every budget. What’s more, they carry an LED grow light that has been specifically made for the needs of beginners who just starting out in hydroponics.

Are they Full-spectrum?

Yes. These lights produce a full spectrum of light. They are highly efficient and the company says that they emit wavelengths that fall into the photosynthetic range of 400-750 nanometers.

These LEDs are also able to emit light that is unmatched in terms of blue and red wavelengths. The amount of light emitted by these lights is much higher than other LED lamps while offering you a lower price. They have more than 50,000 hours of LED lifespan and will continue to emit light for many years.

They are providing a 90 days money-back guarantee for their product too.

The Company’s Future Plan

Platinum LED Lights is always looking for ways to improve and expand, which is why they are planning to be one of the world’s best LED Light providers. They want to produce high-quality LED products with a full spectrum light and they are planning to do this by offering their customers the newest technology in LED lamps.

Their goal is to provide the growing community with an affordable alternative to HID lamps so that they can have more control over their plant’s life cycle.


Platinum LED Lights LLC has been helping people for years and they are doing it with a passion. If you need light to grow your plants, we suggest that you get some Platinum LED Light.

Thank you for reading.

Best wishes for your Hydroponics Green indoor venture.

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